Golden Tapestry Pre-Order Last Chance!

The Golden Tapestry Pre-order expires Jan. 31st so hurry and get those orders in soon!  Pre-order today to get a great discount!

How the Design Came About:

Steve and Aundrea spent their honeymoon in Paris, France this past year. They came back with countless pictures of beautiful museums and architectural history.  From all of these pictures Steve gained his inspiration for this design. The collection was inspired specifically by the tapestries, paintings, ornate furniture and engravings from the Palace of Versailles in Paris. Understanding the simplicity and classiness of a design using only two colors he came up with the Golden Tapestry.  This beauty was stitched out in office and loved instantly. Everyone wanted one. But Steve and Aundrea grabbed the first quilt and took it home with them. It now resides in their dining room. Below are some pictures of it in their home!


Hope you all can enjoy this tapestry as much as we do!

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