How do I “download” your designs? Or How can I see the designs on the disk?

See our “How to Open a Design” Tutorial (click here) for detailed instructions.  In the Tutorials folder on the CD, there is a PDF Tutorial that has step by step instructions for each collection as well as a stitch-out and color steps for each design in that pack.  This is the best place to look for and select a design.

Why won’t certain designs open on my machine?

If the design is larger than the biggest hoop your machine has, then it won’t let you open the design. Go to the PDF Tutorial on the CD and find the design that you are trying to use. Towards the top of each listing you will see the design size with its dimensions in inches.  We provide each design in multiple sizes, so find and select the correct size for your machine.

Why don’t the thread colors appear correctly in my machine?

Some of the design formats hold color information relating to current thread manufacturers and others only hold basic color information.  If we create a design and use Floriani thread it may show up in a newer Brother machine exactly the way we created it, but it may show up differently in a Pfaff or Bernina.  If your machine does not recognize that thread brand, it will come up in crazy colors.  If you don’t use that thread brand you will usually have to convert your own colors to match your thread brand.

I don’t have this thread brand so how do I pick colors?

You should choose your own thread colors from what you have available to you or use what brand you prefer to embroider with.  You can use fabric to choose thread colors for your designs. We simply choose a beautiful piece of fabric and take it over to our thread stash and then match the threads to the colors of the fabric.  Use the tutorial as a guide to color, but you should adjust these colors based on the fabric you are using.

What stabilizer should I use?

In each tutorial we tell you how to embroider the designs in that pack and what type of stabilizer to use.  This does vary some; we are giving you directions for the fabrics and materials that we used, if you choose to use a different fabric (stretch instead of woven), the stabilizer may change.  Please refer to your local dealer or stabilizer company for specific uses on each stabilizer.

For the Mix and Match Quilting collection, the stabilizer is always the same no matter what fabric you are using in the quilt.  We use two layers of the No Show Mesh because it was a lot softer than the tearaway stabilizer and less expensive than muslin.

How do I use silk fabric in embroidery?

We back out silk with an ulta-weft interfacing used in the garment industry.   You still need to use a stabilizer even if you back the silk first. The ultra-weft stabilizes the silk fabric and the stabilizer holds the embroidery stitches.  Please see the above question for what stabilizer to use.

Why do some of your directions change from pack to pack?

We are constantly improving our techniques to provide the best possible product.  We are constant with our embroidery techniques (applique, cutwork etc.) and will always give you the exact directions for how we completed that particular embroidery design or project.  New products and materials are always available and we like to adapt with these to stay ahead in our expanding industry.

Why do you add batting into the quilt blocks?  Do I have to do this?

Adding batting into the quilt block will add more dimension to the block, but it will make it more stiff.  We add an additional layer of batting once the quilt top is stitched all together as well, making 2 layers of Warm & Natural in the finished quilt.  This is a personal preference; you can use one, two or no layers of batting.

How do I finish my quilt?

See our Tutorial on “How to Back and Bind Your Quilt Tutorial” (click here).

How do I find the center of a design?

If you print a template of the design from any software, this should have cross-hairs that show you the center.