Website Additions!

We are making some additions to the website and wanted to inform you, our followers, about them. Both of these improvements are sure to make you all very happy; being we have listened to your requests and delivered!


First, we have a new club video by Steve Wilson, owner and master digitizer at Anita Goodesign. The club video explains each of our four clubs, Diamond, Quilting, Platinum and VIP in more detail. It tells you exactly what you get monthly and how to exchange designs, upgrade your membership or just get excited about what you receive monthly. To view the video click here, or watch below.

Next, and the one that is surely to make you all happy… is an excel spreadsheet of all of our designs! This sheet is editable, sortable and up to date. Moving forward this sheet will be updated monthly with our newest designs. The sheet will be very helpful in keeping up with our every growing design collections that you own and the ones that you want.  This will not take the place of our Wish List that is available at events.  Please note, we will not be accepting calls with questions on how to use excel. Once you download this sheet it is yours to use and adjust.  This sheet will be updated monthly, so check back to see which designs are new.

Download List of Anita Goodesign Design Collections