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What happens at an embroidery party?

Here at Anita Goodesign, we are known for our fantastic Embroidery Parties! We pride ourselves in producing Events that our customers and dealers love by providing an educational opportunity to learn embroidery techniques while having fun!

Our events are structured using a team sewing environment, so our partygoers not only learn from their specially trained educator, but also from each other! This also give everyone a chance to get hands-on experience when creating their projects! Partygoers receive not only the designs taught in class, but also additional designs for them to stitch at home included with their full-color tutorial books!

With our all-new interactive game show-inspired class, learning the most cutting-edge techniques just got more exciting! At our Winter-themed Embroidery Parties, you get to vote for which projects are taught in class, so no two classes will ever be the same! We come prepared to teach 16 exciting projects, you pick some to stitch in class, and you go home with all of the projects on your exclusive design CD! When you attend an Embroidery Party, you'll also receive a full-color tutorial book with show specials and a wish list section included! Partygoers also get special sneak peeks into our upcoming collections!

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Learn all about our Spring themed embroidery parties!

What's included

  • 16 Spring-Themed projects

    each w/ multiple designs

  • A full-color tutorial book

    w/ detailed instructions

  • A GREAT time!

    w/ specially trained educators

What happens at a workshop?

First introduced in January of 2015, our Workshops provide a unique classroom experience for our dealers and customers! Our Workshop curriculum changes quarterly to provide new and exciting classes for our dealers' own educators to teach in-store.

When you attend an Anita Goodesign Workshops, you'll receive a full-color tutorial book and design CD containing 7 great projects with 2 designs each! You will complete projects in class and still have sew many left over so you can keep stitching at home! Don’t forget, you can enjoy special pricing on all our products when you shop during a Workshop! See your dealer for details about their Workshops and to sign up today!

About This Class
With 22 different confetti appliqué designs, 12 quilted background blocks and 3 different design styles to deck out your art work even more; you’ll be creating a piece of art that is uniquely yours! Get ready to think outside of the quilt block with this Embroidery As Art workshop!

Here's How it Works
1 – There are two different styled blocks to chose from, a classic quilted block or a folded fabric block. There are 7 different blocks for the quilt block designs and 5 options for the folded fabric block designs.
2 – There are 3 different ways you can design your canvas either with fabrics, spray paints (stencils included) or drip paint! We have included specific instructions to walk you through the process of each design element.
3 – We have provided 22 different confetti appliqué designs for you to choose from as the centerpiece of your art! We incorporated our very popular technique, confetti to give each appliqué design more interest and a fun finished look!
4 – To finish your art piece, follow the step-by-step instructions that show you how to create the framed work with a 3D centerpiece!

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With 22 different confetti appliqué designs, 12 quilted background blocks and 3 different design styles to deck out your art work even more; you’ll be creating a piece of art that is uniquely yours! Get ready to think outside of the quilt block with this Embroidery As Art workshop!

All Aboard!

Every month we release 3 new and exciting projects outside of our normally released collections. These are called Anita’s Express! Each of the projects contains on average between 8 to 16 designs and focuses on a number of techniques. Perhaps you are a quilting genius, but have never tried a free-standing embroidery project, this would be the perfect way to expand your technique library one project at a time. Every single Express project features a cutting edge technique geared towards being completed in 45-90 minutes.

The Anita’s Express tutorials are unparalleled in this industry. We provide clear and precise instructions that take our customers step-by step through the design with detailed explanations. Professional pictures showing every element and comprehensive machine steps make sure that no matter what your learning style is, Anita’s Express will be easy for everyone to understand.

All Access members will be getting Anita’s Express every month in their monthly book starting in January 2017. But, if you are not a member of All Access, there is no need to worry! These collections can be purchased directly from your dealer. Inside the Express folder there is a 20+ page tutorial as well as a CD-Rom with the designs included for that project. Numerous dealers across the United States use Anita’s Express projects as a make-n-take class in their store. This is the perfect opportunity to learn a new technique at your local dealership. Depending on the location you choose, it is also a chance to meet fellow embroiderers while learning all the latest tips and tricks you may not be familiar with yet.

Are you thinking about upgrading or purchasing a different embroidery machine? Some dealers allow customers to use store machines for classes or you can bring your own. Attending an Anita’s Express class also serves as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with other types of machines or learn features to expand your embroidery knowledge on your current machine. Every dealer is different, so be sure to contact your local dealer for details.

We know you are going to love the addition of Anita’s Express to the Anita Goodesign family. This series is not replacing any of our existing educational programs like quarterly workshops and Embroidery Parties, but is simply adding another learning tool.

What's included

  • 3 Fantastic Projects

    Every single month.

  • Learn New Techniques

    Make-n-Take Project

  • Discover Your Genius

    Expand your possibilities.

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