2017 Anita’s Express Box Set


Anita's Express


2017 Anita’s Express Box Set

Anita's Express, Box Set

For a limited time only, we are offering a box set of ALL 33 Anita's Express projects released in 2017. The retail value of this box set is over $980, so you definitely don't want to miss this opportunity to purchase these items at 66% off!

** This product is only available for purchase in JUNE 2018 ***

This product includes the following Express projects, with a full-color tutorial booklet, pocket folder, and CD for each:
EXP37 Blanket Stitch Snowmen Place Mat
EXP38 Country Pot Holders
EXP39 Cutwork Sachets
EXP40 Quilt Block Vinyl Bag
EXP41 Wave Placemat
EXP42 Learn to Tile Scene
EXP43 Easter Egg Pockets
EXP44 Felt Drink Markers
EXP45 Free Motion Diamond Quilt
EXP46 Learn to Shadow Work
EXP47 Stuffed Keychains
EXP48 Cupcake Snack Bags
EXP49 Jewelry Bowls
EXP50 Book Club Bookmarks
EXP51 Pocket Pillows
EXP52 Rag Quilt Mobile
EXP53 Party Toppers
EXP54 Mini Star Wreaths
EXP55 Christmas Cubs
EXP56 Christmas Votive Bags
EXP57 3D Ornaments
EXP58 Stuffed Halloween D├ęcor
EXP59 Embellished Bows
EXP60 Learn to Printed Fabric
EXP61 Tiny House Tea Towels
EXP62 Holiday Hearts
EXP63 Folk Quilt Placemat
EXP64 Southwestern Plant Cozies
EXP65 Learn to Mylar Applique
EXP66 Gingerbread Ornaments
EXP67 Make Your Own Crazy Stitch Quilt
EXP68 Drawstring Bags
EXP69 Holiday Animal Danglers

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